Ecrire est une nécessité

Is writing a necessity?

Do you feel a great need to write? Discover how handwriting is a necessity with Papeterie du Dôme.

Why is writing a necessity?

Since the dawn of time, humans have felt the need to tell their story using their most precious tool: the hand!

Already in prehistoric times, hunting scenes were described by dipping their hands in colored ointments and drawing on the walls of caves.

Little by little, writing appeared, drawings, images, until it became a true art. So what drives human beings to write? If you too feel this irresistible need to write, this article is for you.

Handwriting as a tool for understanding the world

Writing requires knowledge and technique that only human beings are capable of acquiring.

Indeed, when learning to write, young children develop their neural connections without even realizing it. This activates his brain and cognitive abilities, which helps him become a thinking adult.

What makes us intelligent beings is the clever mix between our mastery of fine motor skills, our capacity for abstraction and our imagination. Yes, every writer must have these three things. Rest assured, because we are all capable of it! By writing down our thoughts, our stories or our dreams, we understand the world around us in our own way.

The psychology of writing and all its benefits

By writing by hand, the right and left hemispheres of our brain coordinate and many areas are stimulated at the same time. This is excellent gymnastics for one of the most important organs of the human body.

In psychotherapy, many practitioners advise writing to their patients. But be careful, because the writing must be handwritten .

For what ? Because writing on a computer keyboard doesn't require as much thought as writing by hand. Conversely, having quality paper and a pen helps with memorization, especially for students.

Putting your thoughts down on paper is a good way to gain perspective on a situation. It also helps calm anxiety, especially when we are thinking about too many things at once and feel the need to “clear our heads”. In short, writing allows us to put our ideas in order and that feels great!

How to find your writing tools?

If you feel like a writer, you will of course need a notebook and a pen! To motivate yourself, choose a notebook that is easy and pleasant to write on. The pen should slide across the paper smoothly. Also, choose a medium that appeals to you aesthetically and that makes you want to continue writing, such as a Paperblanks notebook.

Finally, if your goal is to make lists to find a peaceful state of mind, a bullet journal is what you need. You need to save time so you can certainly organize your year on a diary .

Is the need to write too strong?

In this case, come visit us at the Papeterie du Dôme. We will be happy to recommend the tools you need!

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