Comment retrouver sa recharge d’agenda ? Mode d'emploi

How to find your calendar refill? Manual

You came here to find your diary refill.

You did very well! Except you don't know which one it is. They all look the same, and you can easily get lost. It doesn't matter, we will help you.

What brand is it? Where is his reference? The right questions to ask yourself.

The brand is often listed on the first page of the diary. The reference , on the other hand, can be found in several different places.

Either on the cover page, as with Quo Vadis or Oberthur , Or on the back cover as often with Agenda Moderne , or on the small Exacompta . Or on the back cover like at Mignon.

To make the task easier, some brands have named diaries. It's less daunting than a series of numbers, isn't it?

Each name is therefore a reference to the grid (layout) and format: example: Hebdoplan at L'Agenda Moderne, Minister at Quo Vadis, or Eurotime 16 at Exacompta. Or like at Oberthur: Oberthur 25, Oberthur 30.

These diaries can exist in several versions: paperback, spiral or perforated, white paper, white paper with gold edge or ivory paper.

The system used at Filofax : Personal, Mini, Pocket, Desk or A5, or at Paperblanks : Mini, Midi, Slim, Maxi are format names, and there are several different grids within each format. Easy at Filofax : the reference is on the left side of all the sheets between the holes.

Less easy at Paperblanks, the reference is indicated on the removable label of the new diary and the reference changes each year. Not all that smart! A tip: stick the label inside on the last page so you can find it the following year.

The trick to recognizing your agenda: the right measure

An unstoppable tip is to measure the height of your diary. The number in the name designates its height in cm for Exacompta: example: Exatime 14, Espace 17, Lady 18, Oberthur 27, AG12, 83.13S, 13420, 11420, Agenda Moderne INT8313, INT8310. The reference is an indisputable indication to be certain of the correct diary refill.

If you can't find any of these clues, then measure the height of your diary and give us a call. 01 43 35 25 74. We will guide you.

In summary, the diary references are here:

Modern Agenda : on the page to the left of the cover page, at the bottom of the page. Sometimes on the last page on a label.

Brepols : the name on the cover page

Exacompta : Small models: reference on the page to the left of the cover page. On other models: the name on the cover page.

Exatime : between the holes on the left side

Cute : back cover at the bottom

Filofax : between the perforations on the left side

Letts : References change every year. Measure the format and choose the grid.

Oberthur : at the bottom of the cover page

Paperblanks : Measure the height and width, and outline the grid.

Quo Vadis : The name on the cover page. Then the white or ivory paper color called Prestige.

Quo Vadis Timer : at the bottom of the left page: name+size

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