Why this site?

With the incessant closures of stationery stores in France, where it is becoming difficult to find your diary,
With more and more expatriates relishing the pleasure of having a little piece of France in their hands to work with,
With our foreign customers who love the luxury of having a French diary - because it is a French invention, did you know that?

We have opened this site to be of service to you.

But we are not a website! We have a site and all the nuance is there.

Our aim has been to be a real boutique in the heart of Paris since 1951.

And since we want your visit to be comfortable as if you were in our store, you can call us with any questions. We will be there to answer you and help you in your search. And we always find a solution to problems.

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our business.

So yes, we are human, and are not web merchant software - Amazon does that for us.
Yes we sometimes make a mistake and we correct it very quickly.
Yes, sometimes the deadlines are longer than we would like, but with the economic situation in recent years the suppliers themselves are not able to deliver to us as quickly as before (cutting of staff, relocations (Time/system and Filofax ) change of distributor (Filofax), retirement of the company's memory to others...).
But we guarantee deliveries of diaries as quickly as possible and in any case before their start date.

And nothing gives us more pleasure than meeting our customers when they come to visit us in Montparnasse!

This, yes ! We love !

So see you soon, and thank you for trusting us.

Laurence Wrobel-Bürgi

Stationery open on Sunday

As it becomes more and more difficult to get around Paris, we have decided to also open on Sundays to allow you to come to Montparnasse more peacefully.

Our hours: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.