L'Agenda Moderne Paris, la première marque d'agenda de luxe

L'Agenda Moderne Paris, the first luxury agenda brand

The first French luxury diary brand

Established in Paris, this company has been manufacturing on the Quai de Jemmapes since 1824, in an industrial building designed by Gustave Eiffel: A flagship of French know-how.

Who hasn't dreamed of having a refillable leather diary?

Although diaries are above all a practical tool for jotting down appointments, it did not take long for the diary to also become an object of elegance. A leather diary, in a sober fine leather, for a man's diary, or in ostrich-style marked skin and a more lively and shimmering color.

The Modern Agenda the great inventor

Time management has been an important part of the development of modern times. Businessmen needed to jot down their important meetings around the basket at the Stock Exchange, or to write down their tips of the day. Not to mention their romantic dinners... The luxury diary for men was born.

Women then also fell in love with charming little diaries. Often a very small notebook where time is organized with two days per page. Enough to note down their appointment with the seamstress or doctor.

The Modern Agenda has been able to adapt to these new needs of the active bourgeoisie, and over the years it has invented multiple schedules for managing the week.

Are you looking for a men's diary?

The best seller is the "17" or 7+Notes format, which is long and thin and fits perfectly into a jacket pocket without distorting it.

Naturally other smaller and very practical formats, those that fit in the pocket of jeans, are also very popular.

Are you looking for a diary for active women?

The best seller is the Hebdoplan diary. The week is very detailed with a timetable by day of the week. Very useful if you have several appointments per day, while keeping a thin volume and ideal for a handbag.

The smallest weekly planner

The collection presents a unique format of its kind: the Minisem .

Tiny, it does the feat of presenting the entire week at a single glance, while still allowing enough space to write. A real little gem of a handbag.

The Business agenda before its time

This diary is a real work tool, clear, elegant, and so well designed. The business agenda before its time, this creation has often been copied. This shows the success of this formula. Working with efficiency and elegance is what we are looking for, releasing an elegant appointment diary on which you can take notes and the necessary information for your clients. A5 size, which will you choose? the weekly diary or the daily diary ?

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