Filofax, an idea born in 1921 in Philadelphia, became the iconic brand of the 80s famous in London. Filofax had become the essential tool for Yuppies. The ideal diary to organize your life, optimize your time, your projects, your vacations, make your lists, keep your accounts, keep your directory up to date, follow your clients...: the organizer has become the productivity tool par excellence.

An organizer is modular, and that's why it is the essential diary to have all your appointments on hand, at a glance, your lists, and your notes, without depending on a battery or a Wifi connection, without risk of hacking for sensitive information. Nothing beats paper for that!

Filofax diaries: Organize your time for daily or weekly appointments, with more than twenty different grids. A week grid on two pages, or a week on a page, or a day or two days per page, or a month on a page, with or without hours... In short, it's difficult not to find the right tool to manage well his time.

Other refills: Modular as desired, the organizer allows you to add pages, classify your notes using dividers, track your accounts or expenses, have your passwords for websites, or the addresses of administrative sites or the email addresses of your friends using the different directory options. File your business cards, put away your credit cards, punch out your notes taken on the corner of the table to put them in the binder, or always have bookmarks on hand for books.

So why not have a professional part and a personal part in the same agenda? Have everything in one, information, children's school diaries, the schedule of the company's flagship project, babysitter numbers, or Mylove's shirt and shoe sizes.

And Filofax leathers: a huge choice of possible organization too. There are always pockets, places to store your business cards or credit cards, store documents without risking damage. Everything is planned.

The leather collections are designed to be practical and beautiful at the same time: each of them often bears the name of a district of London: Finsbury, Malden, Lockwood, Holborn, and The Original which is the reissue of the very first Filofax .

This year, we are expecting the new Chester and Classic Stitch collections (a revival of the Classic model from the 2000s which was very popular), made in high-end leathers.

And in a more colorful range and for all budgets the Pop model for its tangy colors and its imitation leather grain to be mistaken.

Stationery open on Sunday

As it becomes more and more difficult to get around Paris, we have decided to also open on Sundays to allow you to come to Montparnasse more peacefully.

Our hours: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.